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“Defy the odds,

win the war."

Win the Battle Where You Are

Operation Ares - Forged from a deep desire to build community and serve others. I created Operation Ares to provide top-notch performance-enhancing supplements that enables people to start their journeys and reach their goals.

I have a background in nearly every sport, Supplement usage, and Naval Special operations training. I have utilized these experiences to bring forth product, mentorship, and camaraderie to help you conquer your battle grounds.

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Dakota Helm


Born into a small town living in southern Oklahoma where sports was one of the few outlets growing up. He developed an understanding of the importance of coachability, teamwork to mold an achievable young adult, and achieved becoming a U.S. Navy Diver at the age of 18.  With a deep passion to help improve other individuals' circumstances, he has studied from personal training, supplementation, and business.


As the ancient Greek prayed to the god Ares for strength and protection before battle.  We aim to do the same to help you conquer your battles. We have to be active and Wage War everyday to  continue to grow.

~Operation Ares~

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